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Lucy Martinez, reviews Mufida, La angolesa

Mufida, La angolesa

President of the International Society of Poets, Writers and Artists – Peru, Lucy Martinez, reviews Mufida La angolesa, I leave here, comments that the publication of writer Jorge Aliaga deserves, referring to his book “Mufida, La angolesa”.

It came to me, this fabulous book, luckily, along with the presence of its author, the writer Jorge Aliaga Cacho.  He was about to return to Spain when he handed me his latest creation, and as I hold the position of SIPEA-PERU President, and he is a newly inaugurated member, I thanked him for his kind donation to the newly created SIPEA library.

As a reader, I was moved by the stories that the book offers, real stories, with transparent everyday people, people that this talented writer has captured with great care, and with each road it takes being expertly conceived, in this triumphant book entitled “Mufida, La Angolesa”, which entranced me with “Memorias de Festival”, the story of Serafin Monteagudo and his experiences in Cuba and Berlin, a story with connotative images, and, when describing this experiential Eros, a surprisingly delicate touch.  Serafin ends up being a leader amongst his fellow workers, a political activist for communities and schools with a moral conscience, a popular man: all this and more may be discovered about a great character who succumbs to his eventual fate, the black night falling upon his head, “Mufida, La Angolesa” is a constant discovery.
I find great truths in the comments made by Jack Flores Vega, with which I fully agree, especially when he says, .. “the personality of the author, there we find a gem: his interest in social concerns.  This is the backbone that connects almost all his works … ” there is the feeling that Jorge Aliaga is always concerned, with his country, this corner of the world where justice walks down dark alleys, his eternal drama that socialism, he believes, is unable to crystallise in a country like ours.
Jorge Aliaga, I was lucky enough to meet him personally and it did not take long to know his capacity as a human being and to be moved by him, children in poverty are his great concern – and finding practical solutions, constantly struggling to take action, never tiring of knocking on doors, trying to solidify his many dreams that would benefit the most needy, all this and much more is the writer who I am proud to hold in my affections, knowing that his presence in SIPEA-PERU provides a firm motivational voice, this is the gentleman of letters who we hope to have back with us very soon.
I shall close this review with the words of Jack Flores Vega, because in his description of “Mufida, La Angolesa”, there exists a just truth…

” Undoubtedly, one of the good books, perhaps the most recent, written by a compatriot living abroad, who never forgets that behind him there was, is, and always will be an entire nation.”

Thanks Jorge Aliaga, for being who you are!