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Jorge Aliaga Cacho is also available for public speaking and book presentations.  He is always interested in hearing your opinions, please feel free to contact him

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  • Hi Comrade,
    great website, well done. I think you do need a site because of the work and activities you are involved in. Also it will be good to keep up to date on what you doing.

    So very well done.

    Only thing I would say in terms of development would be that if poss could you make the drop down menus in English too just so I can understand it, I know I should learn Spanish, but for those of us who can’t read your ‘mither tongue’ at least give us a chance to read and engage with your words and thoughts

    All the best

    your comrade always


  • Jorge Aliaga Cacho says:

    Thanks, Stuart, for visiting the page. I am taking note of your comments. Tomorrow I am travelling to Moscow, hope to see you at my return. Cheers comrade, Jorge

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